What Type Of Locks To Use

Published on 8/27/2019
Everyone knows you need to put a lock on your storage unit door as an extra precaution for safety. But which lock should you use? Many people grab a padlock when they are searching for locks at the store. It's basically what everyone thinks of when they think of locks.  And a lot of them come with big promises and bold statements like: "extra durable strength" or "anti-theft hardened steel". Which sounds good and all, but are they really worth it? The short answer...no. Despite all the heady words and lock lingo, these locks really aren't that safe. They just leave too much exposed to be tampered with. And all the big words about the type of metal used and how tough it is, basically amounts to nothing in the end. So which locks should you use?
  We always recommend that our tenants use disc locks. In fact, we require it. And because we require it, we also give each of our new tenants a disc locks upon move in. They are round, circular locks that can be found at just about any hardware store. Why these locks you ask? We have found that these are the safest kind of locks you get to put on the latch of your storage unit door. Unlike regular  padlocks, disc locks do not expose the bracket of the lock that slide through the door latch as much as padlocks do and that helps prevent tampering with said bracket, which leads to less locks being broken into. Just take a look at the pictures below, and you'll see what I mean. And they're also usually about the same price as a regular padlock. But even if they were a few dollars more, isn't your stuff worth it? Now it is worth noting that no lock you buy is it's own little Fort Knox. All locks will probably have some kind of flaw. But disc locks seem to add just a little bit extra security, and any extra precautions you can take to keep your stuff secure, might just be worth a little extra.

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