What To Bring With You To Help With The Move

Published on 7/17/2019
So you need to move your stuff into a storage unit. Just the thought of moving all your stuff alone can be daunting. Will you forget something? Will you package something wrong? How do you keep your stuff clean and secure in your storage unit? Here are a few things you should consider using as you store all the belongings you didn't even realize you had. 

1.) Boxes
  Now this can seem obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people just throw their belongings into their unit without boxing them up. Not only are boxes good for storing your things, but they're also a great way to categorize your things. And you may not consider yourself to a very organized person, but if you're moving your items into a storage unit to eventually move them into the new home you just bought, you will definitely thank yourself for putting a little extra effort into boxing your things when it comes to unboxing those things in said new home. And it's always a good idea to bring a marker with you to write on top those boxes what is inside the boxes. I've even seen people use multi color duct tape with a description of their items on their boxes to help them identify their contents more quickly. That tip was for free.

2.) Tarps and/or Wraps
   Unless you have rented a climate controlled unit, this something you'll definitely want to consider placing on top or around your belonging. A lot of storage units are not climate controlled. And although the one you rented may have insulation, that does not necessarily protect your items from things like high humidity or really hot climates. Usually you can buy regular tarps (maybe even bed sheets) and just drape it over your things. Some places like Walmart or Lowes also sell plastic wraps (basically giant saran wrap) and bubble wraps that you can wrap around your items for a little extra protection. Not to mention it will help keep the dust off of your things. Because even in climate controlled units, dust may still be a problem for you.

3.) A Broom
   Here at our storage facility, we try hard to keep our units clean. However, it seems like a soon as we sweep out the unit and close the door, new dust immediately materializes and the spiders decide it's a good time to come out and put up as many webs as they can. So it's always a good idea to bring a broom with you upon move in. Just in case there may be a little dust to sweep out, or some cob webs to knock down.

4.) A Dolly
   If you like your back and want it to stay in good health, using a dolly is definitely recommended. Everyone thinks they can manage that heavy box until their backs gives out and they realize that might not have been such a great idea. How you lift things alone is important, but sometimes you just need a little leverage. Literally. Moving all your things is one thing. Having an aching back by the end of is another things altogether. If you don't have a dolly, buy one. They are usually not that expensive and chances are you'll use it again later on down the road. But if you still can't bring yourself to buy one, borrow one from a friend. They really are worth it.

These are all simple items to bring with you on your move that may help you more than you thought they would when your first started. Sometimes a little extra work put in at the beginning, saves you from some real headaches at the end. 

Heath Hensgens
Triple C Mini Storage